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There are quite a lot talented coders here. Even more graphicians and musicians. The main problem really is the limited time besides job and family. Also the motivation and enthusiasm is lower at our age, than when we were teenagers.

You also have to find the right people, when working together on a project. You can never be sure that nobody will leave the project, when working with them just over the internet. I had the advantage to work with my brother on Solid Gold. He had no chance to get away from it...

My advice is to keep your projects small. Future games may grow automatically when reusing parts of the previous game engine, and with your increasing experience.

Announcing a new game early or posting details about it can be contra productive. People may demotivate you or start having too high expectations. This is unnecessary pressure.

I have finished Sqrxz3 for A500 in December. A very nice (fast, difficult) game using an enhanced Solid Gold engine. It is still unreleased because we would like to do a boxed version, which takes a lot of time to find the best options. There is progress now and I hope it will happen the next weeks.
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