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On the real Amiga using the install 3.1 floppy HDTools it shows:

Size -128 Meg
Cylinders 16383
Heads 16
Blocks/Track 63
Blocks/Cylinder 1008
Park head where 16383

On WinUAE it shows:

Size 1288 Meg
Cylinders 19380
Heads 1
Blocks/Track 4032
Blocks/Cylinder 4032
Park head where 4095

I've changed the PFS3AIO to use the normal AIO handler and also pressed both boards of the Fast ATA (so not sure now if it can be a hardware problem). I've rebooted and it showed the insert disk screen, I've installed the Install floppy in the Amiga (no partition shown yet) and now, after starting "checking scsi.device" it showed the partitions. The values keep being the same I've written above.

Taking out the floppy and making a reset A-A-Ctrl it started booting, but froze later.

If I switch the amiga off and on again it will show the insert disk screen and will show the partitions only after checking for the scsi.device when using "define new".

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