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So to put a proactive spin on this, if time and resources (developers skilled at low-level amiga development as well as non-code contributions) are the main deterministic problems, would a way to centralise these developments so contributors can get involved more easily help?

I'm not a big gamer and I'd rather see developments in other areas such as desktop software and more demos/music. But, it seems that the actual amiga devs on this thread agree that a lone programmer may not typically complete a game project if their standards are high and that collaboration is needed.

Personally, I've never heard of many of the games being developed and I'm hanging out here and on Google Plus or the IRC. I don't think I can learn a new syntax - even Java didn't come to me easily. But I would love to get involved in the aforementioned level-design, graphics and sound.

If frameworks are costly in terms of 'cycles' then maybe a testing framework or some way for beta testers to help give poignant feedback to devs to save them time pouring through code? Maybe running betas with debug logging? I don't know. I just think that in the years of using linux I think that collaboration, participation and tooling (not necessarily open source) is what makes projects live or die.
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