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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
To answer my own question, 880 Gamer can just about be read on my Nook, but it's a pretty messed up, frustrating experience. The text flows well enough, though everything else gets displaced and jumbled up so it's not clear which rating relates to which aspect of a game, or which caption should be attached to which screenshot.

Any chance of converting the .odt to the open source .epub format next time round pretty pleasums? Here's how you'd go about it.

Nevertheless, I persevered and really enjoyed your thorough, entertaining and well researched articles, thanks. I really do think the mag would benefit from letting a proof-reader/editor give it the once over before it's released though. I don't mind volunteering my grammar/spelling-Nazi services if it helps.
I was going to ask how you went with this, although it does not sound like it was a big success! It is a shame Libre Office currently does not have an option for saving out as EPUB as this would make life easier. Looking over the link it looks like there are a number of options to use, however each seems to have it's own quirks in the conversion, but I will give it a go when I am back.

As for always releasing an epub, at the moment I am using my personal web space from my internet provider, but its only 50mb and I am soon going to be out of space so not sure if I can really do it next issue until I work out where I am going to start storing all this stuff. I have a backup plan to get some more space, but its not going to last forever

And yes... my spelling and grammar I did warn everyone this issue would be a bit off.. I had to upload it before I left to China as most stuff here is blocked and I was unsure if I could access my web space to upload while here, but at the same time I did not want to wait 3 weeks until I got back, so it was a very hurried check that night while packing and trying to get ready for a 3:00am departure the next day

You will be happy to know I have already enlisted the help of another individual here for following issues to give a good proof read prior to releasing, which means issue 7 should be a lot tighter. I have been driving Codetapper mental over my spelling (it took a few issues before I finally started writing lose instead of loose ), and he has offered on a few occasions to help out which I have finally agreed to prevent further loss of sanity for people like you

Thanks for the offer, and glad you enjoyed the latest issue.

P.S. When I get back I will be fixing a few issues such as front cover mistake, and some spelling along with adding cover disk scan, so you can re-download then if my spelling drives you that crazy hehe! Cant say everything will be fixed... but might be a little better ... maybe...
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