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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Windowed/full-window/fullscreen: window = obvious. full-window = borderless windowed mode, fullscreen = real fullscreen (resolution and refresh rate can be different than desktop, usually much slower alt-tab)

Make sure Direct3D mode is active. DirectDraw has very limited filter options.
Toni, thanks for responding. I guess it really is you only who fully understands the options. My Monitor/TV does not have any overscan features. I have 3 Samsung LT23B551 TV/monitors. The PC is connected to the HDMI (DVI) port which is recommended for computers. There is another HDMI port which I think does have overscan "features"

Filters was where I was missing looking. Preset of PAL and no filters and keep aspect ratio gives me what I want. I have to say I really don't like any of the filters but I guess that is very much down to person preference, much like scanlines. I therefore dont think I have D3D enabled?

I think I am happy now... will play with RTG another time. I am supposed to be revising for an exam tomorrow!
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