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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
I prefer my PC running 1920x1080Px60Hz (I get blurry text at 50Hz) and would like my WinUAE Amiga to retain 4:3 ratio but fill the screen otherwise. There are just too many options!
You sure about that? Perhaps you have some stupid overscan feature enabled only in 50Hz mode because refresh rate shouldn't make any difference.

You didn't say if you want to use RTG or native display (or both).

Main option is in filter panel (if native) or expansion (if RTG), make sure aspect ratio is either automatic or 16:9 (ratio of your display, not amiga).

Then try different scaling settings in top/right corner. (if native).

Windowed/full-window/fullscreen: window = obvious. full-window = borderless windowed mode, fullscreen = real fullscreen (resolution and refresh rate can be different than desktop, usually much slower alt-tab)

Make sure Direct3D mode is active. DirectDraw has very limited filter options.

Other marked display panel options: no need change.

EDIT: "GeForce GTX 970" text means monitor selection, it is not part of resolution choice, resolutions are listed under the monitor name. (Multiple device names appear if you have multiple monitors)

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