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Originally Posted by mjnurney View Post
eBay item number:291462054031

not sure if they are suitable for the Amiga tho, these are PC disks.
Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Well, if you want cheap you could always use a rich tea biscuit!
Amigakit sell new DSDD disks in a pack of 100 HERE.
If you want used DSDD disks pre-formatted for the Amiga they are here.
I have hundreds of the buggers.
Thanks guys, my ebay skills must be lacking because I could only find expensive ones from the US (well, shipping made them expensive).

I also looked on AmigaKit under the floppy/storage section and saw no disks whatsoever so nice catch ptyerman

I'm really interested in the translucent ones and I may have just found some in the UK which is close enough.

If anyone is looking to sell those kinds of disks I'd be happy to work with you
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