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Same problem: Emulation does not run in real time. Realtime hardware does not work very well with software, even with some buffering. Emulation can't control the speed/state of floppy drive without data loss = emulator would need to sync its timing to floppy drive state, not its internal (or external in vsync) clock.

Practically you would need to buffer whole track but it causes other problems, copy protections that need multiple revolutions still don't work, emulation needs to pause until whole track has been retrieved (many loaders timeout very quickly if data does not come fast enough). It is easier to create adf first.

Catweasel worked because it uses Amiga-side custom driver. It does not need to emulate all Paula features and driver knows all hardware requirements, it can wait as long as needed before returning errors. IMO this is the only method that can work reliably. (But won't be compatible with any track loading programs)

(I think I have replied to similar question previously)
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