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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
It's not necessarily hard. A platform game isn't rocket science. The difficulty doesn't come from programming the engine, but rather from seeing it through to the end. You have to be willing and able to invest quite a bit of time into a project if you want something that's at the very least reasonably good. The programming is often not the problem.

Time is probably the major factor these days, sadly (family, full time work, etc). From the mid 80's when I owned an A500, A1200 and later an A4000 I had tried to work with various people on completing Amiga games but for various reasons, projects never got completed. For some years, while I didn't give up, it was frustrating, and I focused on other things.

Recently, completed Dots Adventures (Amiga PD Platman remake) for non Amiga platforms. Simon and Edgar who are both amazing team members to work with. Completed a ZX Spectrum remake Lunar Jetman (PC) with James who is a great guy to work with. Warblade MKII and Deluxe Galaga was in the works until our dear friend past away (Edgar). Personally I would still like to finish Warblade MKII in Ed's name.
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