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Quake (ClickBoom) cd audio problem

I think this may be Winuae issues...

Installed quake clickboom on winuae and everything runs fine unless I tried argument to get CD music

When i launch from cli or script

quake -cddevice uaescsi.device -cdunit 0
Winuae actually DOES activate cd audiotracks BUT basically you can hear only white noise (probably the soundtrack played sloooooooow) and game engine stutter as heel (go-stop-go-stop-etc), when it's loading level you can hear soundtrack, same goes if you F12 winuae.

Is it a known issue? Is there a workaround? I tried plenty of cpu combination option and it is not cpu-power related, the games runs smooth as silk when uaescsi.device is not used.

Another problem, after installing, when quake boot, i got this in console "couldn't exec autoexec.cfg". The files seems to have not been installed. This is not winuae-related but... is there a workaround? Basically the game does not load my config...
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