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Originally Posted by AF2013 View Post
I had good look and I like it but one problem forgot put Final Fight in!
And we have a winner!

As mentioned I am now in China, and just before I uploaded the final copy I picked up on this. Its a long store why it happened, but long story short I dumped eveything on my old laptop to take with me only to forget to include the Cover's folder containing all of the graphical files.

It is on my google drive, but the great firewall of china is blocking pretty much all google (have a small work around for gmail). As I wont be back home for 3 weeks, I thought I might as well upload it, leave a clue about it in the Talk Back section and see how long it will take for someone to pick up on it ... and looks like it only took a few hours

When I get back I will update the front cover accordingly which you can re download if that sort of thing drives you crazy

Anyways, hope you all like it! I will include Final Fight in the next issue for anyone who was looking forward to it
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