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Never thought one day I'd revoke such an ancient thread

Hello all,

Past two evenings I've been trying to set up WPA2 wireless PCMCIA. Got a
Speedtouch 110 for a fiver. Installed the Prism2v2 package along with the correct wifi settings. Added relevant patches to Blizkick. Tried AmiTCP first, but after doing all (?) configs in CygnusEd, that produced an error I couldn't solve quickly. Even after finding some excellent online guides and tips.

So I moved on to Genesis. Added SANA-II device prism2 unit 0. Created a user. Added gateway, DNS, the Amiga's preferred fixed IP,etc. Added all known values to GenesisPrefs. Added Amiga and router IP to host file.

When trying to start the TCP stack, an "Initialising device", "Establishing connection" window or something appears briefly, after which the green power led comes on. So it seems at least the driver is ok? The Amiga then seems to establish a connection: 'speedtouch now online', along with a running online timer.

Cool. However... I can't ping the Amiga and in AWeb connecting to a webpage takes forever. I've tried TKIP and mixed encryption. Two different wifi channels. OS3.1, 030 and 40.68.

Not a single error message. Any guide where to look next is of course greatly appreciated as I can't wait to have a Samba share on my Miggy
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