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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
the more complex things like system initialization, screen management, audio management etc.
Those are by far the easiest parts of any game/application and are written in a few days spending a few hours per day (in ASM or C). The hard part is the rest of the software (depending on what it is).

Originally Posted by Nosferax View Post
Nobody... But it's the reason why almost all modern games are a variation of FPS or another. That's the pitfall of using a game engine. Yes you can do almost anything with them, but since their main target are FPS, that's the path of least resistance for devs.
Try Unity3D (current free version has all features). It isn't geared towards any single game type and is suitable for anything. FPS games are undoubtedly still the easiest to make because of the simple nature of that genre, but Unity doesn't favor it. Even if you write everything from scratch, an FPS will probably still be one of the least hard genres to do properly.
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