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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Yeah but who does that nowadays?
There are frameworks and engines and whatnot to get you started and focusing on what matters, which is game creation. On the Amiga, you could use something simpler like Blitz or AMOS to get you sorted with the more complex things like system initialization, screen management, audio management etc.

Perhaps the creation of an Amiga-based framework would be a good start to this whole deal. But there are some things you can use as a base, for example, phx released his Solid Gold sourcecode and I am sure that has a framework people can use to proceed creating their own game.
Nobody... But it's the reason why almost all modern games are a variation of FPS or another. That's the pitfall of using a game engine. Yes you can do almost anything with them, but since their main target are FPS, that's the path of least resistance for devs.

This is why whole genre of gaming have just about disappeared from the gaming map. And it's also why retro gaming is popular at the moment.

Game engine have their uses but it's nice when somebody think outside the box...
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