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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Only if your local jurisdiction permits you to do so - this is AFAIK only allowed in some European states and the UK. In the US it's illegal.

This seems to be hard for some people to grasp:

If you make a 1:1 perfect copy, then you have circumvented copy protection. That protection is there to prevent you from making copies, and you have circumvented it. There's no way around it - under the DMCA this is illegal. It doesn't matter how you do it, if a method (such as cracking, using a Kryoflux etc) allows you to make a copy that the publisher specifically tried to prevent you from making then you are breaking the law under the DMCA.
I guess this is where people get confused with regional, and "other countries" law. Here in Sweden, it's been a court ruling, not that i can find it, some 10 years ago, that stated if you can copy a "protected" item, without actually doing anything more then inserting it to a regular device for copying, and get a working copy, then your golden. This means that by now it's legal to copy DvD's, since pretty much "any" burning software will copy these, but if memory serves me right, the ruling was over CD's that, when you put them in your PC used the autostart feature to load a driver making the CD become impossible to copy. People with autorun turned of, was unaffected, and if you wanted autorun on, just hold Shift when loading the CD, and you were still golden.

For the same reason most PSX games have to be legal to copy these days. However, you could only play them on a emulator, seeing as they wont actually run on the real playstation.

Again, local law vs where ever the heck anyone else is.
But the bottom line is that your not very likely to be charged with copying Amiga games, so somehow i doubt WHDload'ing will come to an end.
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