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It is easiest to capture either s-video or (colour) composite, neither of which the A500 normally outputs, unfortunately.

One option would be to get an A520 (or, if you can find one, an s-video adapter for better quality) and capture the output of that using a cheap video capture USB dongle. Then you could connect your display to the monochrome output of the A500 and use that to see what you are playing (using a TV, I think the 1084S doesn't accept composite).

Another option, a GVP G-Lock or perhaps another genlock would allow you to both pass the RGB video through to the monitor and simultaneously output s-video or composite to the capture device. Then you could use the 1084S.

Or do you wish to have "external" shots that also show you playing the game? Then you do need to use a camcorder, of course, with all the problems that recording a CRT display can cause.
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