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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
These come fully equipped with new-old-stock chips, and you have a choice of "ZIF sockets or not".

The boards that go on sale after that will have ZIF sockets only, and three of the four ZIF sockets will be empty (CPU, SID and PLA). Further, the CIA chips are used, not new-old-stock. The timing generator may or may not be a replacement circuit - depends on what's left after the auction.

For the boards "with empty sockets", I don't have any choice but to only sell them with ZIF sockets. European customer protection laws would make returns an expensive endeavour for me - many people don't have the skills to put a chip into a non-ZIF socket, so what would happen is roughly this:

- customer gets a lower price because of non-ZIF sockets
- customer installs chips, breaks something
- sends all stuff back, I need to spend time&money on the board
- I need to pay for the repair, maybe even replace a dead chip that the customer claims to have worked fine, then pay for return shipping

In numbers: I lose on each and every step along the way. That's not why I'm doing this, so I keep chances for customers to break things to a minimum.

Hi Jens, pardon my ignorance, but what is bad about a board with ZIF sockets? It seems like that is a great thing - allowing easy replacement of bad chips? Am I missing something about ZIF sockets?
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