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Originally Posted by spud View Post
You do get the impression that Amiga users expect higher production values and that may put people off trying.
The way I see it there's a LOT of stuff being produced that in my view barely is passable but people express happiness about it just because it runs on an Amiga.

With this I disagree with Galahad in that I don't think anyone is trying to compete with commercial-level games of back then and they really SHOULDN'T and people aren't really expecting that level of quality from homebrew development. If anyone was set on their own to do, on their spare time, a game of AAA level on the Amiga, well, they'll never finish it.

But they can do games of a very good level like Mr. Beanbag, Solid Gold or Solomon's Key, that you cannot put, technically, on par with something like Mr. Nutz, but they are great games on their own and ooze good quality and attention to detail. That's the kinda game I want to see and cherish.

With this I would like to again say that people should be more encouraged to create their own games. Start with a simple concept but develop it very well and paying attention to detail. The Amiga isn't harder to work with than any other platform despite what people say here.

I think collaboration would be key and I said it before. Perhaps that's a thing to do here, as an initiative in the coders forum, to post people willing to do this or that and start networking those of us with an interest in producing Amiga software. Connect the people that want to do a game that do different things, connect the people that want to create utilities, connect the people that want to do drivers, connect the people that want to improve the OS, etc.
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