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regarding the a3640 issue...

It is time for an update on this!

I've sent you the library versions, but not a response about it being received. I even asked in this thread what versions you use, and complete silence...
Would it not be easier if we tested the versions that make things work on your setup? Anyway, here is my setup for others to compare.

mmu.library -> not installed
68040.library -> 37.30
mmu.library -> 43.14
68040.library -> 37.30
mmu.library -> not installed
68040.library -> 44.2
mmu.library -> 43.14
68040.library -> 44.2

a3640 3.0 with the cut'n'jumper hack applied.buster11 installed.
same result on all setups in zIII mode. (nac timeout, enum failed)

@thread, what revision is your a3640?

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