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[AmigaDOS] How to pipe output to argument?

Hey, I'm using FS-UAE and I want to pipe some output into WHDLoad. I'm using the version of AmigaDOS that either comes with the Kickstart, or the emulator (AROS) I'm not sure.

Anyway, I unpacked the WHDLoad archive, and now I created my own start HD0:S/Startup-Sequence file, which executes when the emulator first starts. I also have a Workbench 3.1 directory thanks to Amiga Forever.

What I want to do is pipe the output of the command:
Dir "DH1:/#?.slave"
into the WHDLoad program. I've tried lots of things, using the TO directive, trying PIPE: and I'm not sure how to do this.

Most of my commands have gotten the same error: Wrong number of arguments
I'm really not familiar with AmigaDOS. Piping is very confusing compared to Linux or MS-DOS.

Here is, for example, things that I have tried, and failed to get working:

Dir DH1:/#?.slave TO WHDLoad
Dir DH1:/#?.slave > slavename.txt
WHDLoad < slavename.txt
Copy PIPE:DH1:/#?.slave PIPE:WHDLoad
Sorry, I don't know what else to do. I've spent a few hours trying to get this to work...
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