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Originally Posted by trydowave View Post
Why is the homebrew scene on the Amiga not as impressive as the C64 etc?

The C64 has been getting some great releases, Metal Dust the amazing looking Sams Journey and a game I brought recently, Knight n Grail. (great game btw)

I recently played the new Castlevania on the Speccy and I think its the best game on that system.

I wish the Amiga homebrew scene was like this.

I understand that it takes a whole lot more effort and time to make 16bit games but since there's so much interest (and love) in the Amiga community it would be good if some games could be produced and then sold, maybe via Kickstarter or something.

Im sure most of us would shell out for a new polished game, even if it was download only.

Quite simply, time and past releases.

It simply takes more effort on Amiga. Amiga was the first machine where single bedroom coders doing an entire game were the rarity and not the norm.

You want to do a platformer? Fine, then you have to compete with the efforts of Factor 5 20+ years ago.

You want to do a shoot em up? Fine, then you have the likes of Cope-Com who did stellar work in 1988!!

You want to do an adventure game? Fine..... take your best shot at Core Design and their Enchantia engine, or Lucasarts and their plethora of SCUMM games.

Fact is, An A1200 AGA can do a very close approximation in static images of todays hardware, people will expect it to move also.

Its not that people can't compete with the likes of Factor 5 et al, its simply a case of they took nearly a year to do Turrican on Amiga as their FULL TIME JOB........ and you want to do something that competes in less time before people get bored and leave the project????

Amiga releases take longer because people expect so much of the machine, and expect much of the people still using the machine.
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