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As far as Maxwell goes, i'll happily talk to both of you for the interview
Thank you - I think, I was just being a bit annoyed that the assumption that the game was an idividual project and just wanted to make the point that there was a team behind its creation - Predseda was also involved in creating the sprites and intro graphics and there is also another individual involved with the music - even with a team of four this project still hits the buffers which just shows the difficulty with creating games on the Amiga. The founding idea behind Remainder software was to bring programmers / musicians and artist together to make more Amiga games which it is being successful in doing.

I will PM you my email address - if you reply I will be able to send a demo of the Dylan game - even though you only cover finished games - with advanced deadlines it might be helpful to start the process so that the article would appear near the time of the games release - I can also send a the PDF of the book to you too!
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