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Originally Posted by TMR View Post
Oh dear... sorry, i'm completely crap with Facebook, point me in the right direction and i'll put it on the "to do" list for issue 144. Actually... fancy doing a Making Of? =-)
Is that invitation only to Graham - or does it extend to others who were involved in the project? (I assisted with the background graphics) Or are you prepared to do two Amiga related articles , one on Maxwell and the other on Software Creation tools on the Amiga linked to the upcoming Dylan the Spaceman game which could encourage others with limited programming knowledge to actually attempt to make a plaform / shoot em up / Dizzy game for their favourite retro system?

In reply to earlier posts

Not every game needs to be massive and more small games being released are signs of activity that can encourage people working on larger projects.
This is true, but even small games can hit a stumbling block, after interviewing a PD programmer for the 1990s - they shared a fun, two player, half finished game, which was the shooting stage of hyper sports - all that was needed for the game to be released was a title page - a high score routine and a loop to take you back to the start so the game didn't end - this was shared with the EAB forum but only person was willing to take it on - months later the game is still sitting unfinished.

Small games are fine, my Dylan the Spaceman, I would class as a small game - 60 screens - but will still take almost a year to finish - even using existing game maker software (Reality) you still hit stumbling blocks - for me - in game music - I have posted two requests for help with music with no take up yet - not even a simple yes I have an old music file which would be suitable.

Originally Posted by amigapd
Realistically, I think the most potential sales you could hope for would be 100 at a price of under £5 and if you looked at £10 or £20 under 50 units.

So don't look at it that way...?
This sort of got taken out of context - the question at the start of this thread was why is there not as many games being made as homebrew on the Amiga as C64

The issue of price is an important one, as many of the PD programmers of the era were releasing as shareware - Edgar Vidal, Michael P. Welch, etc - so the reason they are not making games on the amiga is purely commercial - if the demand was there, I am sure they would release on both Amiga and Mobile formats.

To replace these programmers , you need people who used the system in the 90s but didn't programme to have the desire to learn and complete projects - there are a few such individuals, but often these projects get left unfinished for being too ambitous. Also, if you are going to allocate time to learn how to programme, create music, and create pixel art, you are probably more likely want to do it on live systems so you can get some form of financial reward. As in most things people make a choice of how to use their time and this is often linked to enjoyment or money. If you enjoyed programming the Amiga - chances are you made games for the Amiga and are still involved in programming but on newer tech - if you enjoyed playing games on the amiga but wanted to learn how to program - chances are you are still playing games on the amiga and still have the lack of motivation to learn to code - the last group will be individuals who tried to code on the Amiga but found it difficult to produce games to be released at the time due to a lack of free time / expertise - these individuals probably still will make games but will still have the problems of little free time and expertise to produce games quickly and regularly.

I also think the Amiga scene isn't as dire as portrayed - I sent a PDF of our e-book about the Amiga scene to Retro Gamer - but it hasn't been covered - I am guessing a lack of coverage of what is going on in the Amiga scene (no coverage of books written about it - no coverage of demo games Maxwell + Dylan the Spaceman etc ) gives the impression in the non specialised Amiga press that the scene is less active than is the case. I have also written and released two Amiga games in the last five years - both of which were covered in Amiga Future but not in Retro Gamer. If there was a bit more press coverage, perhaps that would encourage more people to make games.

When I set up Amiga PD website five years ago, my knowledge of the Amiga homebrew scene was limited to articles in retro gamer - and I posed the same question as at the start of this thread - why were there few gamers being made for the Amiga - since creating a website dedicated to Amiga homebrew - interviewing past and current programmers and creating Amiga games I have found that there is a core group of programmers still making games for the machine - they just don't get as much coverage.

Originally Posted by tomcat666 View Post
Hmm, are you sure we are following the same ZX Spectrum scene? The C64 has great new Demos which constantly show innovation and new effects, things that were thought not possible just a few years before, ZX Spectrum doesn't have any demos scene, at least nothing worth mentioning. c64.
Apologies, I don't follow really either the C64 or Spectrum scene in great detail, other than games and I was linking the two in terms of current games being released - Castlevania on the Speccy and Knight n Grail on the C64.

I think the point I make in my previous post - if you are active in the scene you know a lot more of what is happening - I am quite proactive in the Amiga homebrew game scene and think there are quite a few good games being made and released - equally, you are more knowledgable on the C64 scene and will know lots of current and recent projects on that machine. I only really linked the C64 with the Spectrum in terms of their technical specs and extended it to other 8 bit machines to make the point it is often quicker to develop for these machines than it is for 16 bit machines and similarly the Dreamcast will have fewer regularly releases due to the jump in expectations and hardware. Therefore the Amiga should be expected to have fewer games released than the Spectrum and C64 but more than the Dreamcast.

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