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Originally Posted by amigapd View Post
The C64 scene should be compared against the spectrum which is equally good
Hmm, are you sure we are following the same ZX Spectrum scene? The C64 has great new Demos which constantly show innovation and new effects, things that were thought not possible just a few years before, ZX Spectrum doesn't have any demos scene, at least nothing worth mentioning. C64 gets quite a few new games each year, a lot of those games are of great quality and again show something new and exciting, ZX Spectrum on the other hand gets maybe one quality game every few years but it does get a lot of games created with some of the "game maker" tools which look like copies of each other and don't give you anything new or exciting.

The C64 scene is BY FAR the best retro computer scene currently... there is no other 8 or 16 bit computer/console that comes even close... it is just great. In some respects it is better than back in the hayday of c64.
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