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Originally Posted by amigapd View Post
Even producing a game using game design tools such as Reality / Backbone will take 12 months to produce new graphics / music and produce something large like Tales of Gorluth.
Not every game needs to be massive and more small games being released are signs of activity that can encourage people working on larger projects.

Originally Posted by amigapd View Post
Realistically, I think the most potential sales you could hope for would be 100 at a price of under £5 and if you looked at £10 or £20 under 50 units.
So don't look at it that way...?

Originally Posted by spud View Post
If you release a game and get a muted response it'll put you off doing anything more, even if you were originally programming for yourself it is hard not to be affected by it.
Code for yourself and, if you get a positive response, that's just gravy. Who knows, if you prod that idiot who does the homebrew section of Retro Gamer he might review it, stick a news item in or ask for a Making Of interview...

Also, i'm comedy sulking at WayneK because i was quite proud of that steam train joke!

Edit: thinking about it, i'm going to step away from this thread now... i've probably said more than i should.

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