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Originally Posted by TMR View Post
But for the main part at least, the people doing 8-bit games now aren't the coders who were doing it commercially in the 1980s either, they were the ones playing games who have either gone on to learn the skills required or had some of them already from writing demos.

Personally, i've always seen it as a hobby like fishing, playing games or restoring an old vehicle, you put time, effort and often money into it but don't expect anything back apart from enjoyment of the challenges involved and the more occasional sense of achievement when something is finished.
<terrible steam train joke removed for brevity>

^^ This, 1000 * this. Make an Amiga game for your own satisfaction - if other people like it when/if you release it publically, this is a bonus.

If your reason for coding an Amiga game is for fame/wealth, I suggest you move along... nothing to see here!
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