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I guess, an interesting side question is why are not recent megadrive / snes releases also converted to the Amiga / Atari ST - I am guessing it is not commercially viable for companies to convert e.g. Watermelon's Pier Solar was released on Megadrive and is now being converted to Dreamcast with new graphics.

Also, there is nothing to stop C64 homebrew games being converted to the Amiga - there were quite a lot of C64 homebrew inspired released on the Amiga by Ard Joose - but is the amiga gaming public in 2015 likely to be as happy playing games like this as they were in 1990s -

fundamentally I think the amiga public expect games produced to a commercial standard, released for free, made by one person who is completing the project for fun or to learn game making skills - this combination very rarely exists.
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