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Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
I think that Kickstarter would work, well, we will do not know till somebody decide to make some amiga game there with reasonable money goal to achieve.
If someone were going to write a new Amiga game as a "day job" then the funding has to basically pay everyone involved a living wage for that period along with covering costs of producing the various goals and rewards, making it pretty much unrealistic.

If said people are going to develop in their spare time then the funding is more about motivation than anything else so it could probably be done outside the constraints of Kickstarter with a Paypal "begging bowl" and each amount of X donated translates into the coders finding Y hours to develop. i'm not sure that's a good idea however because, even if it's clearly stated that a donation guarantees nothing in the long run (since there's almost certainly not going to be enough "funding" to get a complete game done) people will still have expectations.
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