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I actually want to do stuff for Amiga. I am learning Blitz Basic in my spare time, I've already been able to do some parallax scroll and stuff

I want to make one first, simpler game just to have that feeling of "I've managed to make something !", and then I want to do a game I've always wanted to do for Amiga. Not a port or anything, but something I've been wanting to do for ages for the Amiga, and now that I own one, I feel like it's the moment to do it.

Of course, real life takes a lot of times from those projects, and we know this kind of stuff barely make any money if your try to go this way, so sometimes it's hard to justify working for a retro machine when you could be working for Steam or Android and make real money. (Even more when I could quickly make a PC or Mobile game, while an Amiga game, even if simpler, would be a lot more work to make sure it would work on a vanilla machine, and the learning curve of working with a new language)

Do you think a kickstarter for an Amiga game would really work? That's something I had thought about.
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