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Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
This is the answer. We see some homebrew games for the A500 but it's a more complicated system that requires deeper understanding and greater development time than the good ole C64.
Games don't need any serious levels of technical ability and the high level languages take away the need for a deeper understanding; some of the most playable games out there on any system will be at best passable "under the hood" and many of those titles will be a bit "meh" visually too.
Originally Posted by nobody View Post
It requires much more to make Amiga games than C64 games. Very unlikely for someone to jump into this "just for fun".
My primary motivation for writing games and demos on the 8-bits is the same as most of the people i've spoken to over the years, a love of the machine and a want to support it in some form. If you're saying that there isn't a similar level of love for the Amiga here then fair enough, but it'd come as a surprise to me if that were true.

You're both making fairly bold claims about how much more difficult the Amiga is than the C64 so are you basing that verdict on experience with both...?
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