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Originally Posted by trydowave View Post
Why is the homebrew scene on the Amiga not as impressive as the C64 etc?
Because there aren't as many motivated people in the Amiga scene as there are in the C64 scene.
Basically, what Britelite and TMR said.
I think most of the community of Amiga fans is only focused in getting their machines up and running to play games, while the C64 people, a LOT of them, rather do cretive stuff with them, like games, music, graphics, demos, etc. instead of just using them for games.

The ratio of creative people vs. plain users is much more favourable on the C64.
I don't believe this "it requires a lot more" argument, at all. There are some incredibly complicated games and advancements being made on the C64 which also require a very high level of understanding of the system and stuff, yet, as I said, they ARE being made, while noting happens on the Amiga.
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