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Originally Posted by trydowave View Post
Why is the homebrew scene on the Amiga not as impressive as the C64 etc?
Originally Posted by britelite View Post
Because people in the Amiga scene spend more time whining on forums and having delusions of Amiga making a comeback in the mainstream instead of actually producing something themselves.
Hit the nail right on the head with a sledgehammer, particularly the whining on forums bit!

People in the 8-bit scene, for mine, are far more project-minded/community-spirited, and run around the place with a lot less attitude of entitlement when it comes to online happenings with their platform. Without doubt, it's what fans the embers of my interest in the C64 all these years later (despite my love for the Ami)!!

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Since everyone else's dumb answers are here, mine is: Not enough open source :-)
Originally Posted by britelite View Post
The c64 scene seems to be doing just fine without open source
I read wXR's post before your response and, I have to say, you took the words right out of my head! For your astute observation sir, here's a little affirmation from the Fonz too.....

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