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How to use the 48 Direct3D filter shaders? [Solved]

I couldn't find a help/faq section telling us, how to activate the 48 Direct3D filter shaders that come with Winuae, nicely sitting in the plugins folder. I searched... and searched... nothing. Aaarrgh..!!

Here is how:

Copy the entire plugins folder into what represents on your machine this place:

"c:\Users\Public\Documents\Amiga Files\WinUAE\plugins"

only Then become all 48 Direct3D filter shaders selectable in Filter---Filter Settings... Aaarrgh..!!

Do not copy them into the Winuae install directory.. There is the main Paths menu, but it doesn't say freakin !!PLUGINS HERE!! if Winuae finds these in the install dir they should be used as well or copied into the configurations folder.

All Winuae config website links are dead...
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