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Why is the homebrew scene on the Amiga not as impressive...

Why is the homebrew scene on the Amiga not as impressive as the C64 etc?

The C64 has been getting some great releases, Metal Dust the amazing looking Sams Journey and a game I brought recently, Knight n Grail. (great game btw)

I recently played the new Castlevania on the Speccy and I think its the best game on that system.

I wish the Amiga homebrew scene was like this.

I understand that it takes a whole lot more effort and time to make 16bit games but since there's so much interest (and love) in the Amiga community it would be good if some games could be produced and then sold, maybe via Kickstarter or something.

Im sure most of us would shell out for a new polished game, even if it was download only.

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