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Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
Primarily that A. an increasing number of websites (Google among them, though they're one of the lesser offenders) use so freaking much of it for everything that anything less than a modern browser with a high-speed Javascript engine running on a multi-GHz multi-core computer will slow to an absolute crawl, and B. a lot of modern Javascript doesn't actually work on older browsers, and depending on the browser that may result in the spawning of eleven billion error message-boxes.
All of this and more. There are serious security issues with javascript on the PC side. Most exploits and drive by malware installations use javascript and having a script blocking extensions can spare you a lot of grief. It also consumes a lot of bandwidth, CPU cycles and memory and if you use a script blocker like Noscript for Firefox, you will find you have a lot more free memory and CPU cycles that can be put to a much better use like Winuae.
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