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Originally posted by Dastardly
Theres also a GBA game featuring a mix of the tables from both Pinball Dreams and Fantasies although i dont know what its called.
It was released for the GBA, by Ubisoft, in the UK in June 2002 as 'Pinball Challenge Deluxe' and has all eight tables from Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies.

The crap display on the original GBA put me off buying many games for it, but when I got an SP, I tried to get this game. I have tried loads of places to get it, but everywhere is out of stock, and the game seems to have been removed from Ubisoft's website.

This has turned into a bit of a quest for me. I MUST HAVE THESE GAMES ON MY GBA. promised it would be delivered in seven days, but I have now waited 3 weeks, and after contacting them about it, they say that their suppliers have no stock and are waiting for more from the manufacturer.

If anyone sees this in a bargain bin anywhere in the UK, PLEASE TELL ME! - I'm willing to travel! I've also seen it advertised for sale on commercial websites located in Austrailia and mainland Europe, but I am less happy ordering online from them, especially where the terms and conditions are in French or German - and they might give me the runaround like the UK companies.

Please help - I need this for my holidays!
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