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Not really listed on the page anymore but when I typed Micro machines it popped Micro maniacs. Not cars but small people instead it seems.
Micro Maniacs came out for the PSX in 2000. Found it in the bargain bucket at Eltncs Btq, if I remember correctly, and have it here in front of me as I type!

You had little men running around, is it wasn't accelerate/decelerate/rotate controls but used the analogue pad. I have to admit, it isn't as fun as MMachines, but you could still have 8 players using a multitap, and it had 41 tracks including hidden unlockable ones.

One takes place on a scaletrix track - I think I remember that being quite cool.

The different characters had different stats and weapons, which is something that always annoys me in these games. I want 'em all!
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