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Thumbs up PS2 mouserate problem FIXED!!! Thanks Tomi and others!!!

Thumbs up, dudes! It works with the latest relase very fine now!
Damn good work, everyone!

┬žane - thanks for checking this one out. It helps me a lot. And dont worry, i not missed the mouse speed. IIRC i mentioned that i played with this settings from beginning. (ok, i checked - nooo, i did not mention that =8-( ) I found, that for my 200Hz sapleratechecking it optiomal to use (into AOS) mouse speed 2 with acceleration and sensitivity (WinUAE) to 80, instead of default 100, what produce too fast movement at AOS speed 2, and too slow at speed 1 - and even too slow at speed 2 W/O accelerating... Well, maybe i can experimnt with speed 3, but...
Forget it. It works. All i need and everything i ever wanted!

BTW, if you are about a bughunter, check what happens, when you disable all/at least there of the four DF0: drives. Quess what - the damn slow boot, i experienced from start - hehe. Dunno why, i guess that AOS dont like disabled DFx: or what? Well, i can disable it on Amiga too and things working fine, so, the emulation has a problem there, hmmm... At least i think. But its importance are pretty close to zero, heheh, since it can be easily "fixed" - dont disabling the DFx: things =:-)))))

Anyway, to the rest of us, wondering about why have a 200Hz mouse sampling rate.
Just simple - TWO reasons.

First - smooth mouse movement - and i like that, its like on Amiga and chipset screen (sadly, the RTG craps dont use their but an chipset vblank, so the mouse is never smooth again anymore, except when you use a hack on p96 called vhack and... =8-))))))

Second - gameplay. WTF? Dont worry, i show you. Lets start with little tech. During online gaming, like a CounterStrike (CS later), you face enemy. You hold a fire, hoping to kill the bastard, but you died and he walk away unharmed.
WTF is doing into the CS there?! Well, you lose, thats obivous, but why? First, check your ping. If yours are 10x worser that what your enemy got, seek for better ISP, quit downloading before playing CS, and such things...
If they are about equal, where can be the problem, that your bullets dont get into CS play?
Well, PC mouse sample the mousebuttons into their four wires at some rate. PS2 rate then. When you have 2x or 3x worser sampling rate that your enemy, it can happens (and it realy do) that your click, even happen at the same time or faster, are usualy processed later that yours enemy one, due to low sampling rate, and therefore you lose. Pretty unfair, dont you think so?

So, thats why is important to keep the samplingrate pretty high - and as i checked, even when my lame skill into CS did not get better, it manytimes now happens, that i dominate whole server, killing alone everyone from other team
Hell, its just a few secrets like that and even lamer can rule
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