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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
If you insist on taking part in this discussion, would it be asking too much that you try to emulate adult behaviour? Buzz did list several arguments pro open source software, which you completely ignored so you could dump a(nother) cheap and useless joke into this thread.

Nobody who had any training in software development would ever make a statement like that. Actually, trained developers would probably tell you you're suffering from not-invented-here syndrome.

You don't sound like you should be calling other people "script kiddies".

Sharing doesn't mean loosing control, it just means other people can use your code for their projects. You still have complete control over your own projects, of course.

You'd loose (sole) ownership, of course. And the competitive advantage or whatever you want to call it. If you care about things like that - I'm happy for you. But in your case, we're talking 25 year old assembler code most likely written by an untrained teenager - maybe you should perform a reality check before implying open source advocates are "trying to pinch your code".
There is a difference in "in-house" sharing of code and being a script kiddy.
And please, get off your high horse before passing judgment on other. In my case I'm talking about present day assembler code that I presently write and for your information I'm 49 years old not a teenager.

And beside, yes I wan't to keep what you call the "competitive advantage". Even if it doesn't bring any financial benefit. Just like a composer doesn't give part of is symphony for some other schmuck to use in is own creation and reap the glory. Same goes for a writer.

If you want to do it yourself, go ahead, you don't need anybody opinion or approval. But keep in mind that the same goes for my position and it would be the noble thing for you to keep that in mind and to respect it.

Nowhere did I say the open source shouldn't exist. All I've done is post my own personal position about it.
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