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Trying this program for a few days now, trying to make a shootemup.

I came across this quote on from 2005: "It had "skeleton" disks which were basically games that you could alter and customise and pass off as your own. But you couldn't, because it was so buggy you'd get pissed off with it and throw it in the bin."

I am now at the bin part.

It is quite buggy indeed. After I "Save Stats" and test again the program crashes. I also cannot find where to change picture numbers of the main character or enemies. The only thing I can think of is changing the graphics of the example game and using the prefab waves in a different order which is not my idea making my own game. Shame.

Ps. I looked briefly at the adventure disk and seeing amigapd's long tutorial I assume it works much better than the shootemup disk. But im just not good at making an adventure game.

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