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I installed Thors MMU Library, it didn't help I still get NAK timeout and lockup when disabling USB stack in ZIII mode.

Thors 68040 Library also broke my RTG so I had to go back to the old one 37.30

Is there a better 040 library I should be using?

My setup:

WarpEngine 040
CV64/3D + Scan Doubler
Kickflash (Containing OS3.9 BB2 & HSMath Libs)
Tocatta Soundcard
XS100 + RapidRoad USB

Tried with and without HSMath lib installed, same results.

I'm running OS3.9 (Classic Workbench) with Picasso96 and PeterK Icon Library.

So it seems issue is not confined to A3640

Also system it noticeably slower since installing Thors MMU library so I think I'll remove it anyway.
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