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Capturing WinUAE with Camtasia Studio Question

I been capturing some videos with Camtasia and Winvice for a while now with pretty good results albeit a little laggy on the scroller part of demos.
I have a couple of questions regarding Camtasia and using it to capture gameplay/rolling demos.

Now I have a pretty good pc and graphics card and memory but it seems to me that something is stopping camtasia from actually capturing at a decent framerate on certain emulators. I also noticed that max frame rate for camtasia is 30fps and you can't change this to any higher?

So far I have tried WinVice and WinUAE with 'not bad' results for WinVice and awful results with WinUAE. I still feel that I must be doing something wrong somewhere. Particularly on demos the scroller seems to end up a little jerky.

I'm using my test rig which while lower specs than my games machine I still feel should be good enough for video capture, see specs below.

Windows 7 64bit
Intel i5 3.5Ghz Quad Core
16GB ram

I can capture WinUAE 'ok' with some lag to scrollers if loading via adf the regular way but if I use my CWB setup with WHDLoad games/demos the lag is terrible and WinUAE frames drop drastically.

Anyone know how to set up Camtasia correctly for WinUAE, I did see a thread on eab by Del.. but his write up left me a little confused.

Maybe Camtasia isn't the best program to use for WinUAE capture and if not what is?

Many thanks for your time,


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