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Originally Posted by Nosferax View Post
If you can't even do that and absolutely need to pinch someone else code then you're in the wrong field of work. The world has enough script kiddy already.

of course, there are people with arguments why not to, and there is even one in the results, but your reasoning doesn't make much sense to me.

using other peoples code, and sharing mine makes good business sense in my area of work, where I may be using off the shelf cms / frameworks. Anything that accelerates development time, and reduces the need for me to re-invent something is good.

When it comes to the Amiga, we would be in a better place now imho if more old software was open. At least it would be possible to pick up where someone left off should one wish to. I have benefited directly from being able to continue on code that was open, such as being able to continue improving XBMC for the original XBOX.

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