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Originally Posted by Michael Sykes View Post
Even when it comes to software for a 30 year old system?
I mean I can understand your point but I was thinking about really "abandoned" stuff for a practicaly dead system and a nearly non existing market. Keep your modern Arm,Linux,Windows,OS4,MorphOS or whaterver modern code you have closed for as long as you can still use it in a profitable way.
But old 68k stuff - really? Apps or games no matter what, if the devs still have the original code I bet there are a lot of people out ther that would be happy to see it online. Even Quake or Doom are open source now. And id software is still alive.
It's still their code and they are the only one to decide what they'll do with it.
Beside functions that specifically access the Amiga proprietary hardware, all the rest of the code can be reused in other project.

It's not about reinventing the wheel, it's about you creating your own set of personalized wheel. If you can't even do that and absolutely need to pinch someone else code then you're in the wrong field of work. The world has enough script kiddy already.
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