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Originally Posted by vulture View Post

since you're a coder and an expert on these stuff, why do you rate Brian higher than, say, elfmania or kid chaos? What is the trick that catches your eye and puts it at the top? Thx!

Also, I agree with Unreal for the excellent sprite scaling, space harrier is not far behind in that respect though. And, of course, Lotus 3 for its driving engine and the already mentioned Universe for the amount of colours without ham. Ambermoon and Jurassic Park for their 3d engines as well. Beast master is an impressive game gfx-wise too. Not to forget Mega-Typhoon, for the speed and amount of objects on screen. Of course, the colours are not many, but on some instances they're hovering between 20-30, which is not bad at all.
Snes mode 7 effects on an A500 that are technically and factually better than what the Snes can do.

Later effects with the rotating tunnel effects for entire levels.

Realtime scaling and rotating nearly full screen.

Mosaic effects.

Dont get me wrong, the likes of Jim Power and Lionheart are great technically, Brian the Lion just does it better.

Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
Brian the lion? It does not look so great. Ive heard there is some copper trick thingie going on but does that make it visually appealing. there's an awful lot of shades of brown...
As i said in the other post above this one, it does quite a bit more than 'some copper trick thingie'

Problem is some of the cooler stuff is later in the game.

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