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Originally Posted by Tommes View Post
Well, I should make a collection for 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600. Will think of the dimensions next time.

1200? Ok, let's see ...

I don't think I have an A600 anymore. I had one once.
I'm happy to donate an A600 for you to model one...

Amazing work, really...

To follow-up on the idea of doing personalised work for EAB happy Amiguys, how about this one: you make a nice setup of a classic Amiga on a desktop (A4000, A1200, whatever) with its screen, keyboard, mouse, etc. and the beautiful lighting of your choice and we guys are providing a screen shot of OUR workbench (or our favourite game) in a decent resolution for you to map on the monitor ?
Basically you do ONE setup, and by just mapping a different picture each time you can render "quickly" any customised picture...
With the beautiful glossy effect you are able to render the monitors with it should look astonishing...
Of course you should provide a good resolution picture so we can have it professionally printed locally or through internet. I would pay some reasonable $$$ for that... For example on that scenery:

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