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Originally Posted by hedders View Post
I'm curious about them, but I've read that there are some gnarly power requirements which require hacking an ATX supply, well beyond my crappy soldering skills! Would be curious to hear how you get on.

Might still go that route. Went with ClassicWB on the basis of Fitzsteve's video, plus it's kind of a "ready to go" environment to get me started. I figure rolling my own Workbench is "phase 2".
Not really all that difficult. I just bought an ATX socket on ebay so I don't need to fiddle with the psu per say. All I have to do is to take the amiga psu cable from my old a500 psu and connect that to the ATX socket corresponding pins. I've mount it up on a small board. I've got 4 more connectors on order, let me know if you need one. I can make it with a screw in connection so all you've to do is to attach your own cable. As a bonus you can use the molex to power other stuff

I use an ATX psu with removable molex connection so I only plug them if I need them. It's more tidy that way. Since I'm also into woodworking I made a cherry wood enclosure for the psu! Nothing says retro computing like wood grain!
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