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Okay, here's that Velvet ROM-dumping program!

Write the ADF to a disk. Leave it write-enabled.
Power on Velvet system, insert the disk. Press Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga to reset.
Initially the screen will be yellow for a couple of seconds. As ROM data is written to the disk it flashes black/white. When finished the screen goes green. If there is a write error screen will go red.

Not tested on real hardware, but seems to work in WinUAE.

Edit to add: The 512KB at $F80000 is written to disk starting at track 1 side 0 (so offset 11264 in the ADF file).
Edit 2: if you accidentally boot with the disk write-protected the screen will go red, but I forgot to turn the drive motor off in that case. You'll probably want to reset then quickly remove the disk instead of removing it with the motor spinning.
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