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The AI will probably cheat on this one too. In Super Mario Kart the AI also cheated, but not as bad as in Mario Kart 64.

Team play on Micro Machines V3 is cool. Playing alone in multiplayter gotta be more fun, but team mode is very cool too (It's the only 4 player mode I can play, as I don't own a multi-tap)

Yesterday, me and other 3 friends were having a blast at it. It was me and a guy who never plays video-games at all against a rather experienced player and a casual gamer.

It was 5-3 against us, and the final lap was about to end, and it seemed like we were going to lose. The casual gamer in the other team was already out, and I was trying to get ahead to win a point before the race ended. My team-mate was right behind me, and the other guy was a bit behind, but still it seemed like I wasn't going to make it. Then my team mate did something I think I would NEVER think about, and no one had tried it yet: he stayed in the front of the other guy, and he just pressed BRAKE as hard as he could. He stopped and then went reverse against the other guy, who couldn't do nothing but hit him and stay there, leaving me to get the point just before the race ended. 4-4, and we got an easy point in the payoff and won the race.

This was THE moment yesterday, me and my team-mate went like "YEAAAAHHH, EAT THIS!" and the other team was like "HOLY SHIT?!?", and we all yelled at each other. It was rather funny because the SMARTEST move in the whole night was done by someone who usually never plays video-games.
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