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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Tell me more! I need to get my other machine setup so it can replace my existing piece of crap...essentially I can't decide which I hate more, W2k or W98. They both suck bad, IMHO, and since they will each eventually corrode to the point where I am at now, having two installations will give me a certain flex. And before some clown suggests it, I'd rather use a Speccy than XP....

btw, a different machine for each of those OS's? You have enough space to do this?
TG, here's a search I did on and this is what came up:

I don't have a favorite as I've never used one, just kind of looked at a couple of them. I've always used dual boot with the OS like when using DOS/Win9x together or Win9x with NT/2K/XP.

I understand the dilema with choosing a specific OS here, but for stability 2K/XP are better then Win 9x. Now I qualify this in that I personally use XP Pro for most of my workstations and for my gaming rig. Do I have problems, yes I do from time to time, but most of these are caused by a hickup from a device driver or two, i.e., graphics cards and/or sound cards. Is this the root cause of said problem, most likely a combination of both these and the OS but hey, I don't mind re-installing my rigs every so often. Guess I'm a masochist

Yes I have enough room for most machines in my house, some are in the basement, some on the main floor and some on the second floor. But there is only so much room of course so I'd have about 20 machines setup if I actually had the room. This would include all the C64/128's, Amiga's and MAC's along with the PC's.

Perhaps I'll win a Powerball and really get some space, nah, I'd be buying up more retro machines then I'd have room
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